Friday, July 16, 2010

Ball games are finally over!!

After taking about 22,000 ball pictures in the last 35 days, another ball season draws to a close for us as of tonight!

We didn't have time to get to any idividual games like we have in previous years except a few Falls City Summer Recreation Games. But we were at the Class C 10 & Under Legue Softball Tournament in Nebraska City, 12 & Under League Softball Tournament in Auburn, District Softball Tournaments in Tecumseh and 16 & Under Nebraska State Softball Tournament in Auburn. We also got pictures of almost every team in the Falls City Summer Recreation Baseball & Softball Programs.

We're trying to get through all the pictures as quickly as possible, but needless to say, we are behind. We have a fairly large family portrait session this weekend and a wedding next weekend - but other than that, we should now have more time and be able to get caught up again.

I hope all the athletes on all the different teams that we took pictures of had as much fun playing as I had fun watching and taking pictures. Congratulations to everyone on a great season!

Be watching for all the rest of the pictures in the next 2 - 4 weeks.