Monday, November 12, 2012

Memories... of Easier Times

This past week, I took a working vacation to Moloka'i Hawai'i.  What an awesome place to get away to!  I figured I would learn a little, but I knew it was more general and landscape photography rather than portrait photography.  I figured it would be a nice get-away more than anything.

A couple of my favorite photos that I got probably mean little or nothing to most of you reading this.  They were of the morning porch talks (which I now have that photo as my timeline cover) and the photo of everyone around the table learning.  The part of the workshop that I wasn't expecting, was the new family that all of the classmates became in just a matter of days.  Unfortunately, I'm sure that family will be the same as my old school family of 13 classmates I grew up with that I never talk to anymore.... but for those few days, it was special.

This workshop really did remind me a lot of of my high school days.  One big difference, I was hearing "Ryan", "Ryan" instead of "Schutte", "Schutte".  In school, there was another Ryan in my class, so I became Schutte instead of Ryan by early grade school.  By high school, I always had several classmates whispering "Schutte, what do you have for #5" or "Schutte, where did you find the answer for that", especially in math and computer classes.  At this workshop, there were several people sitting around the table, "Ryan, how do you do this".  I loved it.... it's so awesome getting to help out with something that I know... something I can help someone understand.

Although it has nothing to do with the workshop, another memory that came to mind and made me smile.... was the "Schutte" that was very seldom actually said, but implied.  Since I always had my watch synchronized with the bell, I started putting my papers and books away about 15 seconds before the bell.  As soon as I started, everyone else followed.  A couple teachers weren't quite so happy with that habit. :)  What fun memories.

One final memory, although it's an unfortunate one, that came to mind this week is of the person I considered to be my best friend throughout high school.  Yes, I heard "What did you get for #...." many, many, many times from him.  So many times, it was a running joke with Mrs. Stallbaumer, our math and computer teacher.  I may not have thought specifically about him this week, except for the fact that while I was at the workshop, a young man in our small town who graduated just last May, ended his own life.  Eddie also ended his own life just a couple years after high school.  R.I.P. J D Lunsford & Eddie Fritz, I'll always remember both of you, but especially Eddie who has visited me in my dreams many times.

Memories... of easier times.  When most kids are in high school, they can't wait to get out.  They hate going to school.  I was always different, I enjoyed school.  I also worked throughout high school, starting with a paper route at 13 that I kept for 4 or 5 years and also cleaning and cooking at the local cafe starting when I was 14.  Anytime I think back, I still remember how much easier and carefree those times were.  I knew it then, and still believe it to be true now.  I just never expected a photography seminar to throw me back 20 years.  How Fascinating....

Thank You to everyone from the Creative Photography for the Soul Workshop, classmates, teachers & the Hui Ho'olana staff!  What Great Memories!

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