Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stayin' Cool at the Pool

The heat of summer is upon us and we have another great Mini Photo Session coming up to help you beat the heat!  Stayin' Cool at the Pool.

Although these photos are really cute for the 0 - 5 year age range, we can create great, fun portraits for kids of any age.  These pictures will be taken at the Falls City Aquatic Center.  We're taking appointments for the afternoon of Sunday, July 31st and the afternoon and evening of Tuesday, August 2nd.

We're allowing approximately 30 minutes for each session.  In that 30 minutes, we'll capture at least 10 - 20 memories, caught forever, that you're going to love.  The session fee for our mini-sessions is $10 ($10.70 with tax).  This price does not include entry to the pool - if you don't have a season pass, admissions is $4 for adults, $3 for ages 4-12, and free for ages 0-3.  Young kids will have to have a parent or guardian present.

Be sure to reserve your appointment today before they're all taken.  Stop in our store at 1515 Stone St. in Falls City, call us at (402) 245-3700, E-mail us at or join us on Facebook.

PS. We encourage you to stay on Sunday, July 31st for the Aquatic Center's annual Luau. Starting at 6:00, they will be serving a light meal and a ton of fun for a free will donation. We will not be doing any portraits during this time, but we will be taking plenty of candid photos of all the fun!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Softball Tournaments

Softball is probably one of my favorite sports to take pictures of. I'm not sure I like standing in the hot sun for 12 hours at a time, but other than that... it's great. I don't have to use flash, it's not too cold, I've gotten to know and be friends with many of the umpires, and I get to meet a lot of fun athletes while I'm standing in front of their dugouts.

In the last 6 weekends, there's only been one weekend that I haven't been to a softball tournament. Unfortunately, 2 of those weekends I could only attend 1 of the 2 days because of other commitments - but 1 of those 2 weekends that I only had one day... I made it to two different tournaments.

I made it to 4 league tournaments, districts and a state tournament this year. Overall, I took close to 20,000 pictures. That does not include Falls City's Summer Recreation Baseball & Softball which I have been taking the past week and will be taking next week as well.

I wanted to put a special thank you out to the Palmyra 18 & Under Softball Team. While I was taking pictures from in front of their dugout during their league tournament, one of the parents of their players brought a bottle of water over for me. Before the following game, which they were also playing in, the coaches told me that I was welcome to the water in their cooler. I try to drink a lot of water while I'm at all of these tournaments, but I was impressed by the thoughtfulness of the Palmyra team.

There are also many of the athletes that I had a good time talking with and joking around with... including the Nebraska City 12 & Unders from their league tournament, the DC West Falcons 12 & Unders from Valley at their state tournament and many others.

Thank you to everyone who made another enjoyable softball season of taking pictures. I didn't get hit once by the ball.... a few close calls, but no actual conact. :) I hope everyone likes the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.