Thursday, January 3, 2013

Featured Session: Bauman Christmas

This year, I didn’t get a chance to create a Christmas set like the fireplace setting we had last year.  My plans are to create a different themed set each year as well as having some smaller, basic Christmas backgrounds.  Since I didn’t have a Christmas set this year, the Bauman family decided to have their Christmas portraits taken at their home.  This is always an option because it’s fun to incorporate your own home in to your pictures – it really makes them unique.

When I got to the Bauman’s house, they showed me their beautiful Christmas tree they just finished decorating the night before.  It was in a wide open room and the golden color on the tree with the dark red and green walls was going to make a beautiful background for Christmas portraits.

 I have taken quick pictures of this family before at our Helping Hearts fundraiser in February, so I knew that the youngest one was going to be a bit tricky, and she didn’t disappoint.   As we started taking family pictures, she clung to mommy, we worked with it and got some cute pictures including some of her peeking out between mommy and daddy.  As she was getting a little more comfortable, we got her sitting in front of mommy and daddy for their favorite family Christmas portrait.

After getting the family portraits, we moved on to getting individual portraits of the boys in front of the tree.  At their ages, this went quickly and easily with great results…. even when we brought the dog in for a few images.

 We then moved around the room to a another location where they had their name hanging on the wall and got a few more family portraits that weren’t so Christmas themed.  This gives them another option to show off their portraits throughout the year without it looking like Christmas.

By the time we got done with the last set of family portraits, the little girl was really starting to warm up to me and play with me.  This was our chance to get some individual portraits of her in front of the tree as well.  I think we got some of the best portraits of her that we have ever gotten.  The combination of taking the time for her to get used to me, playing with her throughout the time and being in her own home environment all helped to get a several great images.

I want to thank the Bauman’s for letting me invade their home and get these great family portraits in their own home environment.  I would also encourage anyone who's interested in portraits to consider using their home to take portraits.  I can come and make some great portraits in places you wouldn't realize.