Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Custom Portrait Greeting Cards

Our newest 5x7 folding card design.
Top Left (Front), Bottom (Inside), Top Right (Back)
So, you think custom portrait greeting cards are too expensive? They really aren’t as expensive as you think – plus they’re an awesome keepsake for all of your friends and family.

1) If you go to a store to get an individual greeting card, they usually start at $4 - $5 each and they aren’t customized at all.

2) Our custom portrait folding greeting cards are 4-sided…. That’s usually at least 3 or 4 portraits, sometimes more. Sending 3 or 4 different wallet size portraits to each of your friends and family costs more than our folding 5x7 card.

3) With our cards, we take the time to edit each portrait we put in your card.  You get a custom designed display (card) to show several fully edited portraits all at once. 

4) Think about the price again.... purchase a 5x7 for each of the people you want to send a standard card to. 5x7s start at $6.00 each, 25 are $5.40 each or 50 are $4.80 each. Our 5x7 folding greeting card is only $5.00 each in batches of 25 and cheaper with quantity.  That’s right…. a 5x7 custom greeting card is actually cheaper than a single 5x7 and has more than just one portrait on it.

5) Go ahead…. be like everyone else and just send them that basic, generic Holiday card. They may keep it for a month, but after that – it’s trash. Send them a custom portrait greeting card from Natural-Beauty Photography and they’ll keep your card forever.

Get your custom Christmas Greeting Cards today… Order before November 26th and get your second set of 25 at ½ price.

Sold in sets of 25

- 4x6 Double Sided Postcard - $3.00 each
- 5x7 Double Sided Postcard - $4.50 each
- 4x5 ½ Folding Card - $4.00 each
- 5x7 Folding Card - $5.00 each