Monday, May 23, 2011

Omaha Studio Tour

Yesterday, as part of the Professional Photographers of Nebraska, I got the opportunity to go around to 4 different studios in Omaha. It was a very interesting day, getting to see how some others in the "big city" have their studios setup and how they run them.

As I get the time and money, I have several new ideas that I'm going to implement to make my studio run a bit more smoothly. One of my favorite features was their track rail systems to hang all the backgrounds on and then you can just slide them around to whichever and wherever you want them. That would be a lot easier than having to unfold them and clamp them up like I'm doing now... but the track is more than just a couple bucks. :)

I also got some cool ideas for new backgrounds.... coming soon. :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Denim & Diamonds

Just got back from the Denim & Diamonds Dance at the Elk's Club, where Borderline Country played. It was a load of fun and I got a lot of great pictures, both of the the people and of the band. Everyone seemed to be having fun. I can't post any of the pictures in the blog because it wouldn't be "fair".

Shortly, we'll be posting several of the pictures on our Natural-Beauty Facebook Page for a contest. The picture with the most likes between when we post them and May 25th will win a free 8x10. Check in the next day or two to see the contestants!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oklahoma - by FCHS

I'm trying to get my blog back up and going... so here goes my first post in many months.

Thank you to Mrs. Sutton for calling me this week and inviting me to their dress rehersal of the play "Oklahoma". They will be performing for everyone to come see this Saturday at 7:00 and again Sunday at 3:00 at the Falls City High School Auditorium. I love live theatre, and would recommend anyone go watch it if you possibly can.

Although I took over 500 pictures of the dress rehersal tonight, I will only be posting a cast photo and possibly 1 or 2 other promotional pictures on our candids facebook page tomorrow for everyone to see. I don't want to give it all away, so the rest of the pictures won't be posted on my site until after the final performance.

Thank you again to Mrs. Sutton for inviting me and I recommend anyone who enjoys live theatre at all not to forget about this great opportunity for a couple hours of entertainment this weekend.