Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oklahoma - by FCHS

I'm trying to get my blog back up and going... so here goes my first post in many months.

Thank you to Mrs. Sutton for calling me this week and inviting me to their dress rehersal of the play "Oklahoma". They will be performing for everyone to come see this Saturday at 7:00 and again Sunday at 3:00 at the Falls City High School Auditorium. I love live theatre, and would recommend anyone go watch it if you possibly can.

Although I took over 500 pictures of the dress rehersal tonight, I will only be posting a cast photo and possibly 1 or 2 other promotional pictures on our candids facebook page tomorrow for everyone to see. I don't want to give it all away, so the rest of the pictures won't be posted on my site until after the final performance.

Thank you again to Mrs. Sutton for inviting me and I recommend anyone who enjoys live theatre at all not to forget about this great opportunity for a couple hours of entertainment this weekend.

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