Sunday, July 10, 2011

Softball Tournaments

Softball is probably one of my favorite sports to take pictures of. I'm not sure I like standing in the hot sun for 12 hours at a time, but other than that... it's great. I don't have to use flash, it's not too cold, I've gotten to know and be friends with many of the umpires, and I get to meet a lot of fun athletes while I'm standing in front of their dugouts.

In the last 6 weekends, there's only been one weekend that I haven't been to a softball tournament. Unfortunately, 2 of those weekends I could only attend 1 of the 2 days because of other commitments - but 1 of those 2 weekends that I only had one day... I made it to two different tournaments.

I made it to 4 league tournaments, districts and a state tournament this year. Overall, I took close to 20,000 pictures. That does not include Falls City's Summer Recreation Baseball & Softball which I have been taking the past week and will be taking next week as well.

I wanted to put a special thank you out to the Palmyra 18 & Under Softball Team. While I was taking pictures from in front of their dugout during their league tournament, one of the parents of their players brought a bottle of water over for me. Before the following game, which they were also playing in, the coaches told me that I was welcome to the water in their cooler. I try to drink a lot of water while I'm at all of these tournaments, but I was impressed by the thoughtfulness of the Palmyra team.

There are also many of the athletes that I had a good time talking with and joking around with... including the Nebraska City 12 & Unders from their league tournament, the DC West Falcons 12 & Unders from Valley at their state tournament and many others.

Thank you to everyone who made another enjoyable softball season of taking pictures. I didn't get hit once by the ball.... a few close calls, but no actual conact. :) I hope everyone likes the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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