Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wireless Photo Frames

I took pictures at the 12 & Under League Softball Tournament today (and will be tomorrow as well) in Auburn. I download my pictures to my laptop throughout the day and thought it would be neat to have a digital photo frame setup at the concession area showing the pictures I've been taking - don't you think that would be cool?

I know a few years ago, I saw a nice, large digital picture frame that had the ability to wirelessly display pictures directly from your computer on the frame. I figured since I had seen this several years ago... there would probably be several to choose from now. I sure thought WRONG!!

I have been looking online for about 2 hours now. I have found very few that will share wirelessly directly from your computer. Now, most of the wireless frames download from flickr and picasa and sometimes even facebook. I don't see why, if it can connect to a network, that you can't just grab pictures from a networked computer. Most of the places I take pictures, I don't have Internet access and I definitely don't have time to upload the 2200 pictures I took today during the tournament.

If anyone knows of a digital photo frame that has decent reviews that can do what I'm wanting and is currently available.... I'll give you some credit towards photos for the information!

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