Thursday, October 6, 2011

You never know who someone might become....

Some kids who are adopted often feel they aren't as good or as special as the other kids.  That is so untrue, but that's a whole different story.  Just because someone's adopted doesn't mean anything... they can still have great potential.

Do you know or remember someone who was a delinquent as they were growing up?  You always thought they won't ever amount to anything except being a trouble maker - or they'll be in prison all their life.  Maybe they just haven't found their calling yet.

What about someone who drops out of college?  They can't have any drive or be successful in life, right?  I personally dropped out after 2 years in a 3 year program.  I decided that it really wasn't what I wanted to do the rest of my life and there was no reason to continue on that path.  How about dropping out after just 6 months?  That's really bad - they didn't even give it a chance... they're really a loser, arnen't they!

One more sign of a loser.... someone who gets fired from their job - not layed off, but fired.  Anyone who gets fired from their job can't be an asset to society, can they?

Now let's put all of these together?  Someone who is adopted.... a delinquent through high school.  Drops out of college after only 6 months.....  gets fired from his job after doing it for 9 years.  This guy has to be a total loser!  This guy.....  is Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs touched everybody's lives. Even as photographers, our lives have been influenced greatly by Steve Jobs. The post process editing we do on our computers, whether Apple or not (in my case, not), came about partially because of Steve Jobs.

Steve's innovative thinking and products will always be part of our lives.

Don't judge people too quickly.... they may surprise you!!!

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