Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Card Cleanup

Christmas is over and most of us probably spent more than we wanted to.  In the next few days also comes the daunting task of cleaning up. Let Natural-Beauty Photography reimburse you for a little of that Christmas expense you had. Instead of throwing away all of those Christmas cards you got this year, bring them in to Natural-Beauty Photography.

This year, through January 3rd, we are paying you for your Christmas cards!  We will give you 50 cents per card that you bring tous as a portrait credit towards any portrait session in 2012. Bring in 10 cards, get a $5 credit... bring in 20, get a $10 credit... bring in 100, get a $50 credit - it's that simple!

Have questions?  Find us on Facebook, send us an E-mail or call us at (402) 245-3700.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!

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